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this is actually really important
like the only reason anyone even knows we have a marching band is because we have to play at sports rallies and stuff even though our football team has a freakishly long losing streak and our band has a freakishly long winning streak at competitions
and i have a best friend in the drama class and she keeps saying how no one ever comes to the productions, and even though she's just stage crew she puts in a whole lot of work and i'm extremely proud of her but no one recognizes that. this same friend is also on the badminton team and that's what more people know her as (bc she's actually really good), even though she puts a lot more of her time into stage crew and she likes it more. and this basically goes for anyone who's involved in the arts around here. for some reason, even though our sports teams all suck (this is coming from a water polo and track person) they still get more recognition than art/music/drama.
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