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I posted these quotes on the Democrat vs Republican thread, regarding patriotism. First there's a poem, about America specifically.

It's this:

next to of course god america i
love you land of the pilgrims' and so forth oh
say can you see by the dawn's early my
country 'tis of centuries come and go
and are no more what of it we should worry
in every language even deafanddumb
thy sons acclaim your glorious name by gorry
by jingo by gee by gosh by gum
why talk of beauty what could be more beaut-
iful than these heroic happy dead
who rushed like lions to the roaring slaughter
they did not stop to think they died instead
then shall the voice of liberty be mute?
He spoke. And drank rapidly a glass of water

(e e cummings)

Take from that what you will.
And also, the quote from Catch-22 (satirical novel about the second world war) I used to have in my signature which was:

"What is a country? A country is a piece of land surrounded on all sides by boundaries, usually unnatural. Englishmen are dying for England, Americans are dying for America, Germans are dying for Germany, Russians are dying for Russia. There are now fifty or sixty countries fighting in this war. Surely so many countries can't all be worth dying for."

It then goes on to say:
"Anything worth living for," said Nately, "is worth dying for."
"And everything worth dying for," answered the sacrilegious old man, "is certainly worth living for."

Catch-22 is my favourite book, I've read it at least 5 times in the last 3 years. These quotes can easily be applied to ANY nationalism ANYWHERE, not just America. It's a problem here in the UK too.
“The enemy is anybody who's going to get you killed, no matter which side he is on.” - Joseph Heller, Catch-22
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