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Name: Calvin Othello
Age and Year: 15, 5th year
Appearance: dirty blond hair and emerald green eyes. He's about average height and stronger than he looks. There's also a long white scar that runs from his left wrist all the way up his arm, past his shoulder and stops when it travels about an inch onto the lower half of his face
Personality: bold, impulsive but smart, kind, a little strange but always nice to people unless you ask about his scar unless your a close friend or he'll suddenly become cold and distant and ignore you for the rest of the day
Blood status: pureblood but not proud of it
Family: dad (mom is dead) older brother who's in his seventh year (slytherin) and younger sister who's in her 2nd year (Gryffindor)
House: hufflepuff
Wand: oak, Phoenix core
Pets:silver tabby cat named Slyvester

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