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Ok my characters are also fraternal twins

Name: Angel (Means messenger I guess :P)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Sandy blond hair and blue eyes. kind of tall and a bit muscular but its not to noticeable. Always wears this blue gemstone on a string around his neck no matter how girly it looks because his older brother gave it to him as a kid before he went off to war and never came back.
Personality: funny, a bit odd and can be rather childish at times. but he's fiercely loyal and once he makes you a promise he will keep it to his last breath. You'll get no reaction out of him if you treat him badly, he only ever gets angry if you offend/hurt his friends or family. he can also be a bit impulsive but is smarter than he may seem.
Father: (I have no idea so ill just pick a random one here) ummmm.... azaes? tell me if I should change it please
Power/gift: Shapeshifting

Name: Anastasia (it means resurrection but has nothing to do with her)
Nickname: Annie (Only her brothers ever called her this she will kill you if you call her by her childhood name), Ann or Anna
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: she has long blond hair that hangs down to at least her waist, usually keeps it in a ponytail or a braid and her eyes are emerald green. is slightly shorter than her brother but not by much, kind of thin but is extremely fast and flexible.
Personality: she can be a bit untrusting but once you earn her complete trust she would gladly lay down her life for you. the rest of her personality switches quite often depending on the situation she might be snarky or nice or sarcastic. she's one of those characters where I'm fine if you want to change her up a bit. yells at her brother a lot but deep, deep, deep, deep deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep down inside she loves him and she knows it
father: azaes again tell me if I should change it
power/gift: fire
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