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Originally Posted by Jesse View Post
not to be a narcissistic asshole but I...don't care if his feelings get hurt...
Yh I agree
Originally Posted by AlgebraAddict View Post
wait ok @theo and jesse I think re's point is that if this gets reported as cyberbullying to the police, you just don't want anything that could be construed as YOU cyberbullying up there as WELL. no one cares if mr service's fragile ego gets crushed or his feelings get hurt, we can all agree. Re, correct me if I"m wrong.
Ah, true. I mean, I want to be realistic and say that because everyone's from different places and countries, it's pretty unlikely we'd all be "caught" cyberbullying. I also wouldn't say telling someone to f--- off is cyberbullying when they've said some pretty shitty stuff. But I see what you mean - it's best to keep it civil so not to make anything worse, too.

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