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wanna help me w/ the 4 interns from Sunshower? (I mean dr. zarlon calls them interns but most if not all of them have their doctorates now and are employed full time with him)

Dr. Gerald McFurlane is a tall beanpole man with ginger hair, bright green eyes, and freckles. He likes to wear crazy outfits and when he dresses up it's very off-color, but at work he'll probably just wear a Hawaiian print shirt and jeans under his lab coat. He's very entertaining, always fond of a joke and some fun, and is responsible for most of the impromptu team bonding that's happened around the labs.

Dr. Bazoo Caput is a tall lady (but not so tall as Gerald) whose father, after retiring from his job at a nearby university, moved back into the tiny hamlet where he had been born and raised until Bazoo got a job in the bigger village of Etune. That community hasn't moved into modern times so she still preserves the ancient Endsland traditions in her dress, since that's how she feels most comfortable. I've drawn her several times, so instead of (badly) describing her attire, I'll just show you my sketch.

Her skin is probably rather tan, her eyes brown and kind. She's the most motherly of the group, and cares very deeply for everyone.

Dr. Bestle Humbug is usually called Bes by her friends. She's short, stocky, dark-skinned, and has straight and short black hair, with two dimples when she smiles. Quiet and no-nonsense, she's nonconfrontational and often off in her own world. People often don't realize how highly she thinks of them. until in a crisis situation. I think she'd probably wear a blouse and jeans under her lab coat.

Dr. Fifi Pendergast is a little taller than Bes with blonde curly hair and big blue eyes, and she has very thick glasses, freckles, and only recently got her braces off. She's so shy and awkward that it takes quite a while to notice that she's also curious, intelligent, and even a bit nosy once she gets over her shyness.

Maybe try drawing them as if in a photo taken by someone else on a very good day-everyone smiling and arm-in-arm with one another?
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