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Old 09-29-2011, 08:57 PM
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Default Your Future?

How do you imagine your future? What will it be like? Who are you going to marry? I'm making this for crazy people like me who plan out every bit of their future!

My future so far is this:

I'm going to go to a college for the arts in Boston and major in Theater and English. I'll live in a small apartment on Salem Street, very close to the Old North Church, and I'll share it with my friend Abby, who'll be going to the same college (I don't know which classes though). My crush will have gone back to Great Britian to play soccer for England, but eventually he'll come back to the U.S. and find me. We'll date for a few years until I graduate college, and then he'll propose to me in the spire of the Old North Church or in the little graveyard near it.
My children will be:

Phoebe Claire: White blonde and blue eyed, like her dad. An artist, quiet and thoughtful.

Sophie Jane: Brown hair, hazel eyes, like me. Writer, talkative and funny.

Colin: Blonde and blue eyed, Marianne's twin brother. Bold, mischevious, likes to play-act.

Marianne: Brown hair, brown eyes. Colin's twin sister. Mischevious like him, loves singing.

I'll be a published, but not well-known author and teach Drama at some school. We're going to live in a small house on the English seaside.

Yeah. :3
"Eyes on the prey, not the horizon."

-The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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