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Old 04-01-2011, 10:49 PM
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Default (: :) Ruby Interveiw Questions

Okay so here are the questions.

1. What stories are you currently writing?

2. Which of these are you planning on continuing?

3. Where do you get the inspiration for your stories?

4. What is your new book (Hell Angel) about?

5. What happened to one of your older books return like the waves? Are you going to continue it?

6. What book are you most proud of?

7. Who is your favorite author on kidpub?

8. Who is your favorite author not on kidpub?

9. Are you planning on publishing? If so, which story(s)?

10. If you could only continue one of the stories your currently writing, what would it be?

Post your answers below and i'll post them on the NS page.
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Old 04-01-2011, 11:20 PM
Snickerdoodle Snickerdoodle is offline
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1. Right now the stories I'm writing are
Fifteen Days
Sparkles In The Sky
Imperfection (I'm posting this soon on KP)
The Time Witch
Hell Angel
Some of these are being held back because it's little hard to concentrate on so many things in such a short time, but I'm going to start them up again soon!
2. I am actually continuing all of them, but at different times. That's my strange way of writing, I usually dont finish one thing in one time, I like to mix it up!
3. Sometimes from songs. The music works it's way into my brain. Other times it's from a picture. Or a movie, or a saying. Insparation for me, is usually dedicated to the Arts!
4. Hell Angel is about a girl who is an angel, named Opaque. And in her dream, dark tragedies steal her away from her island, Lighte, and bring her to Storme, the exaugst for all darkness. Her heart stone is hurting her, and she's slowly going insane (I cant tell you any more though, because I'll gie away the whole book).
5. I debated on this one for quite awhile, and I decided on no. I thought that once had a pretty final, firm ending and to begin another adventure on it...was chunky. That one took me wuite awhile to decide though!
6. I think on that, I have a few. For a poem/story genre, I would say once! Horror is Spawn, and fantasy/disturbed is Hell Angel.
7. On that note, I have alot! Vivtastic, my friend in real life, who just joined, I think is really good! I like Kay's style, Eccentricity, Peppermint, and Emily too! I have so many, but those are among my favorites!
8. Suzanne Collins, the author of the hunger games! I also really like Lucy Christopher, who wrote Stolen!
9.I would like to publish, and if I did it would probably be one of the stories I'm writing around nowish! It's very hard to decide on something like that...
10. probably Hell Angel, because i know exactly what I have the idea to be!
Thanks for reading!
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