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Old 12-11-2016, 10:56 AM
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Default please dont click thank you thread deleted thank you thank you

I'm miserable. I went on AJ today, and I deleted all my animals, but my penguin.
Then, I went to a school roleplay, THEN, I WAS LITERALLY THE ONLY PENGUIN THERE, AND THEN?!?!!??! I was hated. And then, a penguin came up. I said,

"HELLO MY FELLOW PENGUIN! IM JOE " *because Joe is my roleplay name*

And without a word, the penguin transformed into a pig, and deleted his penguin. The end

I'm miserable. I went on AJ today, I did yeeeeee and yeeee
And then I said "HI" to this girl. She be like...

".... ll ignores ll."

and I be like "):OOO"

So I took everything that was on her trade listen and spammed trade requests on her screen. Eventually, I guess she crashed by NOT ME and got of AJ
The end

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oops im passive agressive, this should be on an, why is this here

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