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Default 1X1 Horror Roleplay

^u^ Hey. Just letting you know that this is a 1X1 (one-on-one) (two people only) role-play sort of thing. It's kind of like a NES, but just a tad different. I'm just letting you know this because I don't like too many people writing one roleplay. I know that I'm really indecisive, but this is my decision. Sorry. D: I don't mean to be mean (he-he, sorry), but yeah this is just for two people, thank you.

You DON'T need to make a character, but if you want to, the form is simple. I just would like the age, name, appearance, personality and that's about it. Oh, and obviously if it's a male or female. I'm not going to do a character form, I'm just going to go into it with a male teenager, and that's it. I'll make up the details from there. The basic plot will be introduced into the next paragraph, but yeah, this is horror so gore and violence will happen!


You and your friend are playing old vintage board games when you hear a baby's cry. You don't have a baby. No baby brother. No sister. You guys live together as friends, mates, pals—but when you hear the cry, you start to think if this house is more haunted than it is old.

And, with the lights flickering on and off and then all together off, how can you trust one another? Where will this story end? Who will you become? Who will your friend become? What is the baby's cry? Who is it?

I'm coming.

So, did you like it? If you would like to join, do a little sample of writing (an excerpt of a little horror-ish excerpt) and I'll choose someone! If I don't choose you, it's not because you're a bad writer. Everyone is an amazing writer.
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