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Old 03-11-2011, 06:04 PM
kgs221 kgs221 is offline
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Default Why is my friend like this?? What is going on?? Please help!

So lately my best friend has become really snobby. I don't know if she's doing it on purpose but I got home and felt so alone and sad today, I was crying..

Anyways, she's always trying to one up me, running faster when she promises to run with me, lifting more weights then I do, or acting like she meant to through that way or got distracted when I throw farther.

Also she'll say stuff like "blah, blah, blah," or "whatever" when I'm explaining something.

We are practically neighbors and sisters so I don't know what happened.

Here's another example

Her: How do I get off of throwing discus? its stupid. How do I un-sign up.

Me: i don't think you can.

Her: That's stupid, I never want to do discus.

Me: Well you kinda have to do everyone of them.

Her: I KNOW THAT KATHRYN!!! Okay, what's this weekend workout.

Me: You have to do it over the weekend to prepare for meets.

Her: Whatever that's stupid, I don't want to do that.

Or on her first day of practice, she acted like it was all to easy and it wasn't a workout for her. She said "You call these lunges? We did harder lunges in basketball."

She's really getting on my nerves. She's also lying to the coaches saying she did the workout. and we are all supposed to have certain lockers but she's lying and using a big locker to hold all her stuff

I don't know what happened and I'm really sad about it.

Whenever me and my other friend pass her in the hall we say hi to her, then she says

"Hi Adrianna," and ignores me.

She acts like she's so much better then me. Why? What should I do?
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Old 03-11-2011, 06:22 PM
kgs221 kgs221 is offline
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Why are you making me put a sig? i don't want a sig, so I won't have a sig. Wait? This is my new sig? Oh. Okay.
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Old 03-11-2011, 09:54 PM
GabiDi GabiDi is offline
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I really have no idea. I'm so sorry...
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Old 03-12-2011, 11:50 AM
Caligirl100 Caligirl100 is offline
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Default Hm...

Hm.... tough situation. I'll help, but I'm warning you: I stink at giving advice:

Plan A: Ask her why she's acting so different. Don't use the word snobby or mean, because she might not know she;s being like that and that will just get her even more snobby and mean. If she tells you the most fake reason in the world, tell her to tell you the truth. If she doesn't answer, find a better friend. If she gives a good reason. Tell her just to try to be a bit nicer.

Plan B: Give her a taste of her own medicine!

I hope I halped! If you want to, you can email me. Just go onto my contact on KP
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Old 03-16-2011, 01:24 PM
earthshiphelen earthshiphelen is offline
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Hi. I have friends like that,4. and they all have been mean to me. we've been friends scince kindagarten. But at some times they don't feel like friends. One of them calls me a bully and stupid and stuff like that she dumps me off school teams for sports and reading and stuff like that. I know exatcly how you feel. I'm not telling you to do any of these but here are some suggestons to consider that all worked for me.

Ignore her. All she wants is attention. Hang out with some other friends for a while hopefully she'll come around eventually, when she see's that your enjoying yourself with other people.

Make some new friends. Incase maybe she's being snoby again or somthing you can find your other friends so your not alone all the time.

I hope this helped .
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Old 03-17-2011, 06:37 PM
cloudwriter cloudwriter is offline
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Try to look for the root of the problem. Is she having issues at home? Is she jealous of you?
Another reason she's doing this may be because she wants to be 'popular' and all, and she may think she has to act like that to be popular.

As for help...............well, like someone else said, either ignore her, shrug off something mean she says with 'whatever' or make up a comeback. (Although out of the three, I probably wouldn't try the comeback first)

Also, when she promises to run with you again or something say "I'm going to run at my own pace so I'm not running with you." Or something to that effect.

Oh, and don't give her a taste of her own medicine. That will just make HER feel bad, which will probably increase the snobbiness.

Other than that, try and make some other friends and hang around them. Ignore her when she goes in snobby mode. If you want to, maybe try talking to the guidnance consuelor at your school. Maybe even try talking to your friend and ask her why she's being mean to you.

Oh- and stand up to her. DON'T let her use you as a doormat. DON'T let her walk all over to you. Take a stand, and tell her this has to stop. Say it in a firm voice.

I hope I helped! I hope your friend stops being mean!
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