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Default Beck

Of course sleep was not what the universe intended for Beck. It never was. Shortly after he had walked away from the balcony, his mother spotted him. Was he ever going to be able to escape? How much more would he had to endure? He badly needed a friend or someone to bail him out of the uncomfortable situations he continued to fall prey to. He knew he should not be thinking this about his mother, but he could hardly help it after a few other draining encounters, and several more that he knew would be coming or had passed in the days previous.

"Beck, sweetie!" his mother, Astra, sang. Dear gods above, what now? Beck was always a grumpy when he was tired, and tonight was definitely no exception.

"Hi mom," Beck replied, trying not to sound annoyed. Luckily, his mother showed no sign of irritation or disappointment in his tone, so he must sound alright. Beck took a deep breath, thinking of the peace he would hopefully soon receive, and stood up straighter.

"How are you liking the ball so far?" Astra asked.

"It's nice," Beck replied, inwardly sighing. He knew his mom liked her parties just like King Largyen liked his training.

"Oh, come on, Beck, you think I don't know what the word 'nice' really means? What about the party is so upsetting to you? I thought you'd like a ball thrown practically in your honor before you leave to go compete in the famous Struggle," Astra said, looking the tiniest bit put out as she spoke, and Beck instantly felt guilty. He hated making his mom look at him like she expected more from him.

"No, really, mom, it's great but you know I don't like large crowds," Beck tried to assure her.

"I know, sweetie, really you need to learn how to handle yourself in a crowd if you're going to compete in the Struggle," Astra lectured. "You know that you're going to have to talk to other people, gods forbid, and you're going to have to be diplomatic, especially if you win because then you'll be crowned King of Aldsea. And you know if you're king you can't just sit up in your room, or train outside by yourself, or shut yourself in the library all the time. Part of leading is working with others, Beck, and that means that you have to loosen up." Easy for you to say, he thought, annoyed. Of course his annoyance made him feel more guilty.

Please, please, let someone rescue me from what is looking to be a possibly very long lecture on why me being antisocial is bad and how loosening up will fix this very real feeling in my chest, he prayed silently, which was something he hadn't done much.

(This ended up being pretty short, but @Norah, this is a good time for your character Dierdre to come in! :) )
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beck can like get it, beck for the win, i love angst, lorelei more like lorebye, luna was here, saelia?? is??? pure????

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