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Default Covermatic (IMPROVED!)

Welcome to Covermatic, where you can make your cover ideas come to life! I have way more experience in graphic design now, so I can make higher quality covers. Here are some previews:

I use Sketchbook Pro 6 for all of my illustrations in .tif format, then switch it to .jpg to post on WB for you guys.
Here's the form!

Author's Name:
Picture or Drawing?
What I want on the cover:
Font (ex. fancy, handwritten, creepy- you can also have specific fonts requested):

FAQ (probably)
Q:What can you draw?
A: Pretty much everything! If you describe your cover well, it will most likely turn out spectacular.
Q: Will I be notified? Where?
A: On this very thread! Check daily to see if your cover has been created- it will be a reply with a link to your cover. I'd love to see your responses!
Q: Where do you get your pictures?
A: The internet. Copyright-free, of course.
Q:I don't really like my cover. What should I do?
A: If you don't like it, let me know. Tell me what you want changed- your new cover will be posted lickety-split!

Any other questions? Post them down there in the dooblydoo.

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