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Default Kidpub contest!

Okay, this year I want to do something for KP, I heard there's been a comment problem lately, that's why I'm doing this contest.

1. If It has cuss words (Of any sort) I ask that you please put them in (*) Marks.
2. If it has anything thats supposably, PG 13 then I ask you put it in () Marks
3. Note that I am a ten year old, but I'm not disturbed easily.

You are supposed to Give me a story you either started and are almost done or finished. It can be in any genre not including:
Poetry (Sorry)
Songs (I know)
Or talk shows (I know, oh foofy)
But this also has to do with nanowrimo, if you wrote a book for nanowrimo, then I want to read it. There are no winners or losers. But the point is that you get your novel read. And I will tell every one of you what I think you need to improve on. This contest is never-ending.
So okay!
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