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Originally Posted by Lily View Post
Name: Echofern
Age: 10
Appearance: A black and silver-gray tabby she-cat
Personality: Quiet most of the time, but can become very energetic around her friends.
History: Echofern has never told the clan, but her mother's mate was not the former, brave deputy like everyone thought. Her father was really a warrior of Riverclan. She has a sister in Riverclan, Silvermoon, and a half sister in Shadowclan, Nightpaw. Her mother died of greencough and her father died in a battle with Thunderclan. Nobody but Silvermoon knows her secret.
Rank: Medicine Cat
Clan: Shadowclan

Name: Silvermoon
Age: 10
Appearance: A silver, gray, and white she-cat
Personality: A kind cat with a joking manner. She's a great hunter, but not so much a great fighter.
History: Silvermoon's father claimed to have found her abandoned by the river one night, but really her mother was a warrior in Shadowclan. She has a sister in Shadowclan, Echofern, and a half sister in Shadowclan, Nightpaw. Nobody but Echofern knows her secret.
Rank: Warrior
Clan: Riverclan

Name: Nightpaw
Age: 7
Appearance: A she-cat with black fur and one gray paw.
Personality: Wary of strangers, but kind around her friends. Confines only in her half sister, Echofern.
History: She was the only in her litter to survive. Her father was the former deputy of Shadowclan, and her mother was a warrior. She believes that Echofern is her real sister (Not Half!) and does not know about Silvermoon or Echofern's real father.
Rank: Apprentice
Clan: Shadowclan

Name: Thunderkit
Age: 4
Appearance: A young tom cat with brown fur and a ring of gray stripes on his tail.
Personality: Excitable, kind, and funny. Pretty much your typical kit.
History: He was named for the original founder of Thunderclan, and his mother thought that he would be destined to be ruler someday. She tried to do everything to set her kit for success, including murdering his father (the former deputy of Thunderclan), and killing his litter mates. She was banished from the clans and never heard from again. He is cared for by Skyleaf, one of the queens in Thunderclan.
Rank: kit
Clan: Thunderclan

Name: Skyleaf
Age: 12
Appearance: A dappled she-cat with one orangy (sp?) colored paw.
Personality: Gentle and kind around all of the clan, and especially kind around kits.
History: She is a skilled fighter and huntress, but hasn't been hunting or fighting lately due to the care she must give to her kits. She has two kits, Applekit and Blazekit. She also takes care of Thunderkit. Her mother died in a battle with Shadowclan and her father received a fattle wound from a bager. Her mate died in the same battle as her mother.
Rank: Queen
Clan: Thunderclan

Name: Applekit
Age: 5
Appearance: A brown tabby she-cat with orange stripes.
Personality: Quiet but friendly.
History: Her mother is Skyleaf and her father died in battle. She is good friend with Thunderkit and has a brother, Blazekit.
Rank: Kit
Clan: Thunderclan

Name: Blazekit
Age: 5
Appearance: An orange and brown tabby tom with a white tip on his tail
Personality: Energetic and silly, but can be a bit rude sometimes.
History: His mother is Skyleaf and his father died in battle. He's good friends with Thunderkit and has a sister, Applekit.
Rank: Kit
Clan: Thunderclan

Name: Treeclaw
Age: 12
Appearance: A strong and fast brown and gray calico cat.
Personality: Loyal to his clan, an amazing hunter, and a strong fighter.
History: Found by the Windclan leader and adopted. Both mother and father unknown. He has no mate. He is currently the deputy of Windclan.
Rank: Deputy
Clan: Windclan

*Okay, guys, I know that was a lot, but I promise I'll keep up with all of them. I know were short on characters, so I just sorta decided to make a few more than usual. Actually, I made a ton. If I'm not supposed to do this many just tell, me, ok?*
I'm okay with how many characters you have.
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