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Old 01-17-2019, 06:48 PM
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so I'm doing 4 homeworks at the same time and i just wanted to say

yesterday my ela teacher hosted a carnival and we all had our own booths to run
and the booth next to mine invited me to submit the end of an incomplete story they had for a contest to win 20 bucks and i found out she's been freaking out about who to give the prize to because she loves the stories two of the people submitted and i found out I'm one of the two??? now I'm really mad because the other one is her best friend and i feel like i should have written more >:l

i think she's going to announce the winners tmrw so um
i hope i win
but i highly doubt it
the other girl is her best friend
and like 972381972398 years older than i am
wish me lucc

sO bAsIcAlLy the story is about some girl who's getting ready to sell all of her deceased father's clothes and she gets a phone call and it ends there
and i wrote that the anonymous caller who had a very familiar voice says they found his grave all dug up and his coffin wasn't in there. i also wrote that it was 4 years since that call and the case remained a mystery

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