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Beck could scarcely breathe in the stifling air of the ballroom. Women in resplendent dresses and men impeccably groomed in fancy overcoats graced the dance-floor, while musicians played a lilting melody that Beck recognized as a popular tune. Beck didn't fit in here, among the nobles and finery, yet fit in he must. He had to be cordial and welcoming and genuine, which was hard enough normally but doubly hard tonight because he knew that he would shortly be facing off against two people he knew nothing about in the famous Struggle.

He wondered briefly who he would have to fight and what they would be like. Were their abilities more aggressive than his own or less? Were they great strategists or incredibly strong? And what about the North, the dark and foreboding place that no one dared speak of? The rumors were enough to make anyone feel grim, and Beck's possible impending doom didn't help matters.

"Beck, meet Lady Ashira," King Largyen said, jolting him from his thoughts. Beck blinked, shaking off his apprehension as best he could and standing up straight like his mother so frequently chided him to do.

"Nice to meet you," Beck told the stranger, dipping his head politely, which she mirrored. He had never seen her before in his life, though with his avoidance of formal gatherings and the seemingly never-ending amount of nobles vying for the throne, it wasn't a surprise to him. Still, she was beautiful, with pale skin and dark hair that framed a lovely face. While her good looks might have fazed him months ago, they did nothing to ease the tension knotted in his stomach.

"The pleasure is all mine," she replied, silky sweet. Beck glanced sideways at his uncle. Was she another queen hopeful? The thought made his stomach turn. Sometimes it seemed like nearly every noble dreamt of overthrowing his uncle, and having that thrust into his face at this moment was torture.

"If you'll kindly excuse me," Beck said as politely as he could, struggling to draw breath. The song had changed from a ballad to something faster and more frenzied, and the atmosphere had become suddenly even more stifling.

"Oh, but you can't go yet," Lady Ashira begged, her eyes twinkling like gems. Shit.

"Excuse me?" Beck asked, feeling trapped. His uncle didn't seem to get the memo that he felt like a caged animal in this ballroom, which he had no great love for to begin with.

"Why, I haven't even had the pleasure of dancing with you yet," she purred.

Beck glanced again at his uncle, trying to get him to understand with mere eye contact (saying something would have surely been seen as rude, which was the last thing Beck needed to be right now). King Largyen, however, did not notice the frantic gaze of his nephew, or if he did, he didn't care. "Yes, go dance!" he said jovially.

Thanks for nothing, Largyen, Beck thought in annoyance as he took Lady Ashira by the arm and escorted her to the dance-floor. Thankfully, the fast song was short, and the new song was softer and less anxiety-inducing.

"So I heard you're competing in the Struggle this year," Lady Ashira began the conversation, looking at him with an emotion that Beck couldn't place.

"Yes, so I am." Being cordial was such an effort.

"I am sure you'll fare well, seeing as how you clearly inherited your family's notable teleporting talent," Lady Ashira added. It was true. His family was known for being powerful teleporters, and while his father had not had any trace of the abilities that his mother's side had, the power had come through strongly with Beck.

"I may be able to teleport and fight, but the other competitors may well be stronger than I am," Beck told her, and immediately regretted it. I can't look weak in front of my people, especially a noble, he ranted internally. He knew that he couldn't take it back from the smile that Lady Ashira was terrible at hiding. This was going to be a long night.
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