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Old 08-29-2012, 10:02 AM
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Default Story Idea Adoption Center :3

Has a thread been made for this yet? I couldn't find one... :I

Anyway, yes, this is exactly as the title says. The Story Idea Adoption Center: where you can give your unnurtured story ideas to another loving author without a story of their own. Because we all know that our stories are our babies. xD

The two reasons I started this thread: I have a few story ideas to get out there and into writing (not my writing), and I don't want to spam with "Hey guys, I have a few story ideas! :D" I know something like this has been started before, but it didn't catch on for too long, so I hope this will last a little bit longer. :I

How it works:

Those putting their idea up for adoption—Just fill out the form to put your story up for adoption, post it, and you're done! :3 Another author just might come to make your idea their own!

Those adopting—Quote the story idea you find interesting and say that you would like to adopt and you've got it! It's as easy as that! :D

Adoption form:

Summary of story:


~ You can adopt/put up for adoption as many stories as you like.
~ Once a story is adopted, it's the adopter's. If any author wants one of their old story ideas back, they'll have to take it up with the adopter.
~ All genres included.
~ If an adopter decides they do not want a story idea, they may return it and it will be put up again.
~ Please make it very clear if you wish to adopt. We don't want any confusion.

And since I have a story idea of my own, I shall begin by putting it up. :3

Up for adoption:

Genre: Fanfiction—Harry Potter/Hunger Games crossover
Summary of story: What would happen if, at the end of the epic saga of Harry Potter, the dark lord Voldemort...won? The world would be plunged into chaos, and Voldemort would need some way of assert his power. So, after much thought, he decides to hold a type of celebration of the new world, much like one in the acclaimed American trilogy The Hunger Games. He holds his own Hunger Games. Plucking a few key Hogwarts students and random Muggles from their lives, he goes on to place them in huge arena, their orders simple and sadistic: "Kill to survive until only one stands." But with these wandless wizards and mixed up Muggles, anything can and will go horribly haywire.
Other: This is based off a dream I had. Just...thought I say. :D (Also, since there aren't really twenty-four key Muggles and wizards/witches in Harry Potter to put in the arena, I kind of expected there to be a few original characters of your own thrown in there. :3)
Status: Not yet taken

Have fun! :3
m i k e a r u b a

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