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Originally Posted by AlgebraAddict View Post
I just walked to a burger joint/ice cream place in a short dress and it felt like people were nicer to me?? maybe I was just imagining things. but like no one said anything and people did smile and say hi so that was ok I guess idk how to feel about this
that's awesome omg im so happy 4 u!!
i was really self conscious about my scars on my arm(they weren't really there for self harm, per se, but i have terrible impulse control and so i made shapes and shit) for a long time but they've mostly faded and i made jokes about them a lot. ppl were a bit weird abt it though.
i feel like a child hiding behind your tombstone
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<3., afraid to keep on living, box full of sharp objects, don't cut!, eff happy thoughts., emma i flipping love you, emma i miss you, emma is the bestest, i love u as a sis emma, i love you so much emma, i will cry for you, i... loved you, imnotafraidtokeeponliving, keep holding on, let there be rain, notafraidtowalkthisworld, pluzzle stay, scars everywhere, scars up and down my arms, taaaaaaaaaaaaaaag, we love pluzzle, we love u emma, when hell freezes over, why do you love me?, you got this!!

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