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Old 08-02-2014, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Maiven View Post
[Well atm my character is with two others, but we could all somehow meet up maybe, idk xD

Venika: Sure! Lol, it just seemed like a cool idea to me at the time ]

Everything was blurring out of his vision, slowly sinking into a darkness his eyes found impossible to comprehend. Noise was bubbling into nothing, warbling like he was underwater and couldn't make out what was being said above him. The ringing in his ears didn't help, either. It felt like he was drowning, like maybe this was actually the end for him. Of course, he knew better than that. He had been in these kind of situations before, had passed out from injury too many time to count, all learning experiences in his mind. So he was calm enough to realize what had to be done, he had to make sure he do not make it to the hospital.

"N... No-not.... the... h.... hostpihals... hospital." He managed to force out before fading away almost completely. The blood was still coming and his head felt like it was spinning out of control, making it almost impossible to stay awake.
Delaney draped an arm of the battered person over her shoulder. She motioned for Terran to do the same. Delaney noticed the bruises forming all over his body. His mouth was oozing blood.

"We can take him to my flat. It's right here." She gestured at the building beside them with her head. Terran picked up the other arm.

Delaney nodded at Daisy, a Steel in charge of the building. She was only twenty-two, and was bored with her job. Currently she was laying out her freshly painted nails to dry, and had a nose stuck in a magazine. Delaney doubted she even noticed them.

She entered the elevator with a new friend, and an almost-dead body. They don't know who you are. If they did, they wouldn't be so trusting.
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