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Old 05-07-2013, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by JoMarch View Post
@PurpleIndigo- Aw noes! That does suck. :P Sorry for taking your colors. Dx
@Arin- Thank you thank you Killing chocolate can be gruesome O_e
@Abbey- Thanks for joining!!! I shall try my best to keep you the only blue.
@Ena- Haha epic! The Queens of Insanity is just something we did in or free time; we rule the land of Insanity- not necessarily insanity itself, since there are many insane people. Master Mage of Insanity is awesome. (: Thanks for joining!
@Lena- *salutes Belinda* *laughs at Bobbie*
Yes, Master Mage of Insanity means both the land and insanity itself. See, Master Mage is a position of authority yet not authority. It is complicated...
trails of f i r e
you always knew
they would carry me home
they'd lead me to y o u
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