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Default Star Wars NES

Hello Kidpub! There hasn't been one of these in a long time, so I thought we might as well make a new one. So in case you've never seen, heard or smelled of Star Wars (in which case you should definitely go see a doctor who will prescribe you a bottle of episodes 1-6), I'll give you a run through. Basically, it's set in a large universe where awesome glowing sword weilding people called Jedi run around and throw stuff in people's faces to save better people. Then there's the Sith who are the opposite of Jedi. They run around with red glowing swords and shoot lightning in people's faces to screw with the Jedi. Or you could be like, a boring guy who has a gun or something. Your choice, glowing sword weilding super heroes and villains, or a guy with a gun. This is set before Episode 1.

Character Format:

Race(Make up your own if you want to):
Home Planet:

May the force be with you!

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Ha, love your summary.

Name: Amynta Ethon
Age: 13
Race: Human XP
Jedi/Sith/Other: Jedi
Weapon(s) :
Home Planet:

Will fill the rest in later.
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