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Old 06-16-2012, 03:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Sandy View Post
Yeah, I printed out the Wikipedia article about him, along with Anders Behring Breivik... the Animal Rights people were trying to track him down, too, and the video with the Chinese exchange student was titled... "1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick" but I really wouldn't look it up if I were a kid on KidPub. Really.
Luka Magnotta, man, you can tell by the pics of him... What an arse. Seriously.

Yes, I've watched a bunch of videos on that too... it's unsettling because I know I can't tell who's a sociopath and who's not... and I'm quite disturbed by the idea of someone like that "latching onto" me.
On another note, I want that book.

I SAW THE VIDEO ABOUT THAT AND READ THE ARTICLES ON THE INTERNET! I don't know how I found it but they showed pictures of the kid and the guy. He ate one of his son's eyes, ripping it and the muscle out, and had permanently blinded him in another.
He told the police, "My daddy ate my eyes."

Reminds me of Bath Salts Guy... It's dangerous to be a homeless person these days... you never know when someone could pounce on you and eat your face off... I feel so bad for that guy. At least Bath Salts Guy got shot. >:^I
That eye thing is really creepy :P Reminds me of one song, but THIS is creepier.
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