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Old 07-03-2010, 09:29 PM
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Default Anyone want a CHARACTER SKETCH?! Eh? Eh?

This be Gypsy Howdeedoo, y'all.

Okay...Gypsy just sort of handed the keyboard to me (Bambi) so I guess I'll do the talking...typing.

Bambi made pancakes. I just ate them. <--- Eh, Gypsy!

That was really random, and yes, I did make pancakes. Gypsy in fact thanked me twice for it and my other sister only said thank you once, and I don't think that my brother said anything, and my mom I'm not so sure about either, and I don't think that my dad ate, and my older brother just went camping, and my little sister is at a friends. The point of that was just to get the point across (DorD) that Gypsy IS NOT my alter ego, she is MY SISTER. Just in case you didn't know. I don't share an account with a figment of my imagination.

HAHAHA! She just told YOU! <--- Gypsy again, mate.

Okay, back to the point: so EVERYBODY loves a sketch of their characters, right? So Gypsy and I thought that we would start a thread where people could request character sketches, and whomever should want to draw that accepts. For example: (by the way, this is Gypsy now, since "and whomever")

DudeMAn: Can I like, so totally have a sketch of this character who is a (gender) and has (hair) (eyes) (height) (wears)?! PLEASE?!

Yoyobrudda: I ACCEPT! With valiant light shining in my eyes, I shall take forth my pencil of destiny and draw thee thine character! (expect it whenever).


so that's the whole fladoodle/bamboozle. thing. ~Bambi!
Uh, yeah, let's DO THIS THING! ~Eh, Gypsy!
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