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Default Life’s Death NES

So basically.

We’re set in the future— the remaining humans have been forced to live on an island and technology has started to fail. There’s one uniform belief— to be named later— and it basically goes like this:

The world was created by four themes/values which are also primordial supergods— Justice, Life, Chaos, and Time. Little bits of them all bled into the world they made to store all of their people and things. Chaos was especially proud to have made a turn up in the Grecian mythosphere.

Justice created the Balance gods— created to keep humankind from getting too far out of control.

Chaos created the Apocalypse gods— so when the End finally came, there’d be some people to keep it from ever ceasing, and to take care of the innocent and worthy.

Life created humankind, and everything living. Life is older than the others, besides Time. Life also created the Angels of Living— some badass, pre-apocalypse psychopomps who’re there to keep humankind from shitting up too badly.

There are also Angel Rouges, also known as Fallen Angels. They’ve rebelled against the Angels of Living’s uptight system and are too busy preparing (and hyping)for the apocalypse. Their affiliation ranges from Chaos to neutral. Anyone who commits suicide is collected by and becomes a Fallen Angel.

And then there’s Time. Time is ancient, even compared to the other primordials. Time has only created the Others. You do not ask about the Others— if you chance to meet one, you will know. However, you will learn more than most can handle, and the price paid is to become one of them.

The apocalypse, or as the remaining humans call it, “Life’s Death”, has just begun, as you’d might expect, with Life dying. The Angels of Living have also passed, and the Failed (failed pre-creations by all of the gods besides Time) have come to end everything. Two of my characters, Apocalypse gods Raven and Crow, have taken over the job as psychopomps.

Your characters can be Fallen Angels, Apocalypse gods, or Balance gods running around trying to fix everything. You can be something else by request.

Affiliation (anyone can be a rebel):
Job and the Weapons/abilities that comes with it:
Positive or Negative towards the apocalypse:

Have an interesting time, and ask me if you have any questions. Make as many characters as you want.

I’ll fill out the forms to all of my characters when I have time and am on a better device.
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Name: Tahariel
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Type: Fallen Angel
Affiliation: Chaotic good
Job: Fallen Angel, I guess
Appearance: White/greyish hair, even though she's quite young (in appearance at least.) She has steely eyes and slightly tanned skin. She's also taller than usual.
Personality: Honestly, she's still not sure about this whole Fallen Angel thing. She was a human who committed suicide shortly before the Apocalypse. She's cold and calm most of the time, but inside, she's just a scared girl.
Positive or Negative: Somewhere inbetween.
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Name: Crow

Gender: demigirl (she/her)

Sexuality: aro ace

Type: Apocalypse god

Affiliation (anyone can be a rebel): Chaotic neutral

Job and the Weapons/abilities that comes with it: She's a psychopomp. She has dark wings- smaller than her brothers, but dark. She can turn into a crow, and not only does she collect the souls who have died in the endless battle, but she and her brother are also the sirens for when the apocalypse begins

Appearance: She has mousy brown, stick straight hair either worn down or in a bun on top of her head, and when she does wear it in a bun you can see that both sides are shaved up to her ears. She wears all black, and looks pretty goth. She usually wears black jeans and Converse. Her ears are doubly pierced. She appears to be anywhere from 14 to 22. Her pale face is dotted with freckles, and if you look closely her hair has a few streaks of white from some unfortunate encounters with the Angels of Living. She, in human form, has a pair of large black wings. Her eyes are blackish brown.

Personality: If you're an immortal, she can range anywhere from fun to be around to somewhat rude, depending on how well acquainted you are with her. And if you're mortal, she has no mercy. She is fascinated by human culture, but she thinks it's quite the shame that the human lifespan is so short. She doesn't really care, however, and thinks most of the humans she gathers are boring anyway. Before the Apocalypse, humans were sent to the Light, where they could happily watch creation for the rest of time, or the Dark, if they were bad, so they can suffer until their debt is paid and they are sent back to the light. Now, everyone is taken to the Gray, so they can watch the world die a final time and join the Others as new gods rise from the ashes, and start all over again (or, that's what's predicted to happen.)

Positive or Negative towards the apocalypse: Neutral, honestly, but at least she finally has a purpose.

Other: BiRd

Name: Raven

Gender: transmasc male

Sexuality: aro ace

Type: Apocalypse god

Affiliation (anyone can be a rebel): chaotic neutral/good

Job and the Weapons/abilities that comes with it: read Crow (except he can turn into a Raven)

Appearance: He has black hair that's clearly been dyed, but the same color as his sister's, ever sos lightly, at the roots. He has tan skin and also wears all black, with similar shoes. One of his ears are pierced twice and one of them once. His lip is probably also pierced. His eyes are blackish blue, and his face has the same freckle system that Crow's does. For identical twins who had one transition, they no longer look that much alike, besides in color. Raven is an easy three inches taller than Crow.

Personality: Raven's a lot more chill, laid back, and positive than his sister. He's fun to be around (unless he's taking your soul to the Gray) and also quite fascinated by humans. He tries to be like them, and often finds himself sneaking in among them. Of course, that was before the Apocalypse. Now, he has a job, and has to put the fun on hold.

Positive or Negative towards the apocalypse: Positive, although he does miss how it was before.

Other: BIRd
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