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Old 08-01-2018, 08:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Steampunk View Post
Two more because I’m bored, and why not? Heh I’ll try not to make any more though, don’t worry. Hey so uh I’m free to start whenever by the way.

Name: Johnathan Sol
Age and year: 17, Junior
Personality: spontaneous and stubborn, he rarely thinks ahead and will stand by whatever spur of the moment action he took, regardless of the consequences. He enjoys being the center of attention and is very friendly, but can hold very strong grudges if you cross him.
Very extroverted and outgoing (in matters that interest him at least)
Appearance: Short dirty blond hair that he sometimes spikes with gel. He’s tall, lanky and tan, and has a decent build for playing soccer. He’s got a bit of a crooked smile and has bright yellow braces. They’re not super noticeable unless you’re close to him, but he’s got quite a few tiny freckles dotting his face.
Power: atomic manipulation (more or less. He can mostly just change one material/substance into another, big changes are difficult) (but if that’s too OP I can change it to just electrical manipulation)
Sexuality: He’s bi, but has convinced himself he’s just straight
Other: he’s on the soccer team but really spends most of his time and energy in the theater club. His mother is French and he speaks the language fluently. Almost always willing to joke around or play a prank with you

Name: Leon/Leona Stewarts
Gender: Genderfluid, switches fairly often but is male more often than female
Age and Year: 16, Junior
Personality: They aren’t very social, as large groups tend to give them a headache. They are not, however, unfriendly, so if you approach them by yourself or with a very small group they may be willing to speak with you. They are very committed to their studies (both school related and not) and are often seen carrying various books or notebooks with them everywhere. They like puns and dumb jokes, but hate dark humor and feeling uninformed. They are studious, quiet, and introverted, and don’t give a heck what people think of them.
Appearance: he/she has very delicate feminine features (which bugs him to no end when he’s male) and pale skin that refuses to gain any sort of tan. They have shoulder length curly hair that they’re able to elaborately tuck up when they’re male (thus making it appear short). Their hair is a silvery blue color on the left and a soft pink on the right (dyed of course). They’ve pretty much always got dark bags under their eyes and you’ll usually see them with their nails brightly painted, regardless of their current gender. They are also rather short and like to wear thick soled shoes to make themself appear at least a little bit taller.
Power: Can change the color of anything with just a touch
Sexuality: pansexual
Other: AFAB, So generally looks more feminine even when trying to appear masculine. Don’t mention it to him when he’s male, and probably don’t talk about it too much when she’s female either. If you’re not sure what gender to address them by while writing a post, you can probably just go by whatever gender I referred to them as in my last post or, if you want to be safe, just refer to them as they/them until it’s made clear. Thanks!

Also, all of my characters are free for ships if anybody wants that.
I'll literally create more characters just to ship with yours
trails of f i r e
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derp, eyyy bi pride, i love kp, ispan, kayla makes 2 many threds, kayla was here, the best ships

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