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Old 05-18-2017, 08:19 PM
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Angry Misophonia

im not the same person
pretend this was me asking questions about the condition if anyone here had it because i wanted to write about it for an oc or something.

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Old 05-22-2017, 11:27 PM
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Oh, hey, I have a character with misophonia, she can't stand human voices.
I didn't know about the anger/irritation part, i'll have to remember that.
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Old 05-23-2017, 12:37 PM
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if you can self-diagnose it, i probably have it. my trigger sounds are chewing and it's frustrating as hell
my name is finny & i like the bone app the teeth meme more than i like myself
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Old 05-24-2017, 12:50 AM
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i have SEVERE misophonia
i have the violent impulses too
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