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Default Kidpub Dreams

Yeah. I've had two so far. Possible three. So basically:

The first one: This probably was just a part of the dream, but Luna was for some reason on the news, we were in this restaurant and they were filming her. I wanted to tell her it was me, and I think I did, but either I couldn't or she didn't hear me. Either way, I don't think I was frustrated for whatever reason. Also, It could've been I never got the chance and I'm just thinking: that's Luna! Wow! Kewl soup!
Dream two: At some point in the dream, a bunch o' unidentified kidpubbers were just sitting in a circle for whatever reason. I don't know why. Luna was there and Alem I'm pretty sure was there too. I think I was talking to Luna and Alem.
Third dream:I don't know if this was a dream or I just imagined how cool it would be. It was that Snow had a musical.ly account. (If any of you do have that telllll meeeeee). Anyways, the reason I think it may have been a dream is because I remember a musical.ly from it.

Have fun discussing your weird KP dreams!
please, ignore my screaming.
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