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Old 04-17-2012, 07:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Timber View Post
My school is different from American schools with middle school and elementary. We only have one school (Kindergarten - Grade 8) and then highschool.

My class schedule is different every day, although we normally have math and french all morning, then religion, then literacy and reading and writing and science.

My school runs from 8:35-3:15. We have assigned seating.
There are a couple school in my city like that (K-8). A lot of my friends went to a really good one that went from preschool to 8th grade. There are even some K-12 schools. I go to a 5-12 school (well, there are two different campuses for middle school and high school).
I have a different schedule every day, but here are my classes:
Biology: I have an awesome teacher that lets us run outside in the snow, give each other EKGs, and plays smooth jazz on a record player when we have work periods.
Personal Development: Oy vey. This is like a combination of psychology, cultural studies, and sex ed. It's not a terrible class and the teacher is pretty cool, but it's not one of my favorites. Also, I always have it before lunch. That can't help.
Chamber Orchestra: WOOHOO! This is my favorite class. My conductor is friggin' awesome (even if he owes us, like, ten doughnut parties) and uses the song "Everybody Clap Your Hands" as a subdividing technique. It help that we're really good.
Math: Even though math doesn't come very easily to me, I still really like math class. My teacher actually likes technology (shocking, I know), and is (in addition to being an incredibly nice PERSON) just a really amazing teacher.
English: My second-favorite class, but my favorite teacher. He's a ninja (actually, he's a ninja EATER), makes constant references to Star Wars, Hawaii Five-O, Leloo and Stitch, and Monty Python, threatens to "unpack us" if we pack up before class ends, and calls us his "little chickadees". The only downside is that he's a REALLY hard grader (the highest grade I've gotten all year is a 97). Also, my English class is the most awesome class I could ever ask for. So awesome that I would be totally fine being trapped in the school with just my English class.
History: I love my teacher. She's SO awesome. She always gets really animated and excited about history, and in turn we are really excited about history. She also has us take a bunch of notes, which I love.
PE: Not my favorite class, but it's just because I don't really want to run around in the morning. My PE class is awesome and so is the teacher (who is also my advisor), but I still don't like PE.
Art: I L-O-V-E art SO much. It's so relaxing and my art class is epik. I love just being able to sit down and paint all my stress away.
Chinese: My teacher is insane. She seems really strict and serious when you first meet her, but she is NOT at ALL. She's really bubbly and fun and sometimes just babble to us in Chinese
Computers: I. Hate. This. Class. 'Nuff said.
Study Hall: My study hall is run by my Biology teacher. It's really awesome, because all my friends in a free crash it and then we dance around the Bio room to opera music (including the teacher).
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