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Old 02-11-2019, 11:38 AM
alemye10 alemye10 is offline
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Originally Posted by alemye10 View Post
Sorry Kayla
But here’s something I wanted to say (this is kinda for everyone, although I kinda addressed it to Kayla, but my main message is for all!)-

KidPub may never be what it used to be. Sad, but you have tried your best so don’t take it personally You are AMAZING! You create so many forums, and just overall make KP so much fun! Many of the members we have right now are older members (that sounds kinda weird because by older I just mean late teens, young adults lol), who as they get older may start to grow out of KP. KP is really lucky to have who we have now because they’ve been through it from thick through thin. To those people, y’all know who you are, THANKS! But anyways, that may be why being active and creating forums may not seem to have an effect, although that’s great for the current KPers!
HOWEVER! I personally think one of the best ways to get KP back on its feet is to let younger kids/tweens know about KP. So, tell all your friends about KP! Telling your cousins, your classmates, whoever is interested in writing.
Now I’m not saying this is easy. Trust me, some of my friends just are not interested. They may be interested but they don’t want to pay the small fee. So, it does need some effort.
But especially in that 9-14 age range, we should get people in that age range.
But Kayla, DONT GIVE UP HOPE! You are so much fun, nice, kind, welcoming, and you have done whatever you can! And to all- let’s not give up. If one thing doesn’t work try another.
(Btw I really hope that people read this because I spent a lot of time and thought into these words instead of doing my loads of homework lol)
Welp I hope somebody read that I don’t know if Kayla has been on
Sometimes you need to stop flapping your wings and soar
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