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Default Writing Warm-Ups

Okay. Forgive me if this has already been done, but I sort of don't go on here much if at all anymore. I don't even know if this'll be a hit, but I certainly found it helpful at getting back into the swing of writing. Still turn to it whenever I get a chance.


Okay, so this is basically what it says. You take a picture. Any picture, any scene at all, from photography to a piece of art and you write a story based on it.

This'll work by people posting pictures and or responses to those pictures. There's no requirement to anything. Just post a picture, and if one inspires you, write a short couple of paragraphs(more if it interests you enough) on it. It's really that simple. Write the first thing that comes to your mind and don't really edit it, or that defeats the purpose!

All I really ask is that you don't go overboard posting a lot of pictures in one post, and if you do, then do them in a link format. That way this format can stay relatively the same.

What little story does this inspire?
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