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Old 03-08-2023, 11:47 PM
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Default reviving the kidpub survival thingy

so a while ago werty posted this thingy and i thought it would be fun to revive it. anyone? *silence* alright ill have fun on my own

this is straight from his kp survival nes

So basically; Perry flew all the active members out to LA for a meeting.
Let's just say he won the lottery, and wants to do a mass update and put KidPub advertisements everywhere, or something similar.

It's at least important enough to fly us all out to LA.

When we get there, there is a two week purge.

A group of insane men called The Malums (Malum is evil in Latin)overthrew the government.

They publicly announced they would control the government for two weeks, and see what happens.

We are all now in our hotel rooms, wondering what is going on.

Perry isn't anywhere. We have no clue where he is.

But we all have to work together to try to stay save and save Perry (if we come to the conclusion that something happened to him.)

The trick is, we all have one power.
No flight/mind control/teleporting/shapeshifting/controlling matter, but you can do anything else. (Nothing too huge.)

The lists below will change through the story.
We have:
One meeting room that Perry rented in the hotel.
A flashlight each.
6 personal items. (Phones and computers go here!)
1 week's worth of food and utensils (so we have to get more).
2 week's worth of clothes.
Each other.

We need:
More food/supplies.
That's all for now.

You can only play as yourself.

The semi-actives are also there, but if they don't post they won't do anything.

The form:

What you go by on KidPub:
Personal Supplies:
Anything that might be useful:
Anything that might not be useful:
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