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Old 11-23-2016, 07:25 PM
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Default Harry Potter NES (2016)

Let's start a new HP NES! Yay! I will start with the first paragraph:

Evan Slinkhard was trying to sleep in his bed up in the attic of his house, but he couldn't. There was a hurricane going on outside, and it was so windy that the top of the roof might get ripped off, taking him with it. The floorboards creaked, and Evan thought they might even break loose. The window was a crack open, and the wind blew into the attic and made a shiver crawl up his spine. His parents had made him stay up in the attic for no apparent reason. They surely knew that the hurricane was in process, but seemed to not care. Evan kept taking deep breaths and hoping for the best outcome.
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