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Old 01-23-2017, 10:54 PM
Panthera Panthera is offline
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Default I lost an acquaintance to suicide this year...

Hey I almost never use the forums but I need somewhere more private to talk about this.

So in November of 2016 a kid in our grade committed suicide. I didn't know him super well but we talked a few times and I have some close friends who knew him well.

It's been a while and I guess I kinda thought I was over it but it's just been... coming back lately.

Now that I think of it, everything kind of has. Every night just feels awful and I feel like I lack so much energy and motivation. I'm frustrated all the time and I'm lonely yet I don't talk to anyone.


I just need some space to talk with some people about this, I guess. I'm just unsure of how to deal with all this.
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Old 01-23-2017, 11:34 PM
SuperJ SuperJ is offline
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I'm sorry to hear that. I consider suicide, along with many other people, a very negative thing. It's a permanent "solution" to a temporary problem (and not at all a good one).

Can you remember a sweet thing about this person that heals a little bit of the hurt? Also, I would be happy to talk as a humble companion just on the side lines

You're not alone!
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Old 01-24-2017, 07:05 PM
Zelda Zelda is offline
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Hey, I don't know you very well, but i've been in a somewhat similar situation before. Not to overstep any boundaries, but if you want to talk with more privacy you can email me:

Otherwise the best suggestion I can give you is to let it out. Vent on here, or write in a journal, or talk to someone. Just go over everything and give yourself a chance to process what happened.
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Old 08-06-2017, 09:58 AM
Werty Werty is offline
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omg this is so sad. Suicide is as real as it gets and I hope everything gets better, even though that is impossible. I wonder if anyone did anything to remember him besides a grave.
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serious matter, suicidesquad

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