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Old 03-09-2018, 06:01 PM
Gracithe1andonly Gracithe1andonly is offline
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Originally Posted by moeuhane View Post
Intro page for Javahouse: A KP Newsletter is up on the Nsp
Show some love <3
all the love <3
i found love where it wasn't supposed to be;
right in front of me.
talk some sense to me...

-i found, amber run
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Old 04-09-2018, 12:03 PM
SilverMoon SilverMoon is offline
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Join kp discord server to help revive kidpub!
this and this and this
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Old 04-18-2018, 12:53 AM
Zelda Zelda is offline
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Originally Posted by SilverMoon View Post
Join kp discord server to help revive kidpub!
i have a discord for the express purpose of talking to one person and i never use it bc i'm a terrible friend and am too lazy to keep up proper communication with literally anyone.

also i cannot remember what my discord account is.. hm..
Little boy inside my chest
Breathe some life into my bones
I've been lost and wandering
Down and out and missing home

(So beat a little louder now
I can't hear you anymore)
-Barns Courntey
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Old 05-04-2019, 09:40 AM
Werty Werty is offline
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anyone think of revival?

thanks to younger members like ava, allison, and rosin, and dedicated members like quartz and cherith, the nsp is getting back on track.

I myself am doing my part by, instead of procrastination, actually caring about the planets and the stars enough to write about it to put on the nsp

also, i'm a little hazy with the eras, when exactly did i join? i joined almost directly before perry closed publishing. dunno if that helps figure it out
please, ignore my screaming.
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ena was here, rproject

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