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Old Yesterday, 09:54 PM
Werty Werty is offline
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Mabel: well... great uncles. grunkles. yeah.

Soos: oh sure dood!

Dipper: Well... I had h e l p. A book helped me.

Me: *returns* dipper what did I say about- nevermind but don't talk like t h i s
When you want to let go
Hold on

When you want to give up
Be a

And when your flame dies down
I've got a


'cause I would do anything to help you shine brighter
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Old Yesterday, 10:10 PM
Gracithe1andonly Gracithe1andonly is offline
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Sans: no, my favorite word is "bird," because, you know. bird's the word.

Papyrus: ...WAS THAT A PUN?

Sans: no just a pop culture reference. here, soos, have another 'dog. have fun.

Chara: *whispers* we call those memes, comedian

Sans: *notices Kayla and Dipper* oh? t h i s? t h i s i s j u s t a f o n t c h a n g e. it's fine if you mean to do it, i guess. i didn't know anyone but me knew how to control their font. but if you don't mean to do it, and your font changes, it usually means you're upset, yanno? happened to a...someone i knew...when she was really sad sometimes. but, i mean. 's fine.
i found love where it wasn't supposed to be;
right in front of me.
talk some sense to me...

-i found, amber run
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