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Old 01-01-2013, 10:01 PM
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Talking The OTP Thread of Shippy Shipping

I searched around, and I found, to my dismay and utter shock, that there is NO OTP THREAD! So, I resolved to make one. This is basically just a thread where you can squee over the couples you ship. Not a game, no rules, not a debate or discussion, just pure fangirl/fanboy-ing.

Definitions, anyone?

OTP-noun: OTP stands for "One True Pairing", which basically means your favorite combination of characters in a work of fiction. It could be in a movie, a TV show, a book, a musical, a play, anything. Even though the name is "one" true pairing, most people have various OTPs.

Ship-verb: To endorse a romantic pairing in a work of fiction, whether it be canon (in the actual story) or not.

Canon-adjective: Kind of another word for official. Used to differentiate between fan fiction and the original storyline. Can also be used to claim that a pairing is obvious (also called a headcanon, which is when it's not blatantly promoted in the show but one thinks that the pairing is obvious, as with Finny and Gene in A Separate Peace or Neville and Luna in Harry Potter) or promoted in the work of fiction itself.

Crack-adjective: A completely weird pairing that doesn't make sense or is at total odds with the original work of fiction. Usually intended to be humorous or random, but could also be a legitimate shipped pairing that is just never suggested in the story or promoted against in the story.

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chriscolfer+heather=<3, destiel ftw! c:, destiel is forever, doctor + rose, emma x chair, flaming mangoes, frikey!!!, gwen5evar, gwen6eva, jiper and pason!!!, jon+ygritte!, kellic, lilaacinfinityever, lilaagwen, lol and travarah! xd, lyall_areyel_was_here, meerkatxmeerkatjunior <3, my socks sing me songs, natimir ftw!!, rumbelle<3, sassy, the otp 5evr, travitchell max added, where is the chicken, y u no kiss already? -_-

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