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Old 05-08-2012, 10:17 PM
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Originally Posted by MaryElizabeth View Post
*Hmm....Let's think.

Katia, Maeve, Geraldine, Crimson, and Oracle were about to look in Ebony's stuff to find things to blackmail her, because she was going to tell people about their meetings in the Room of Requirement.

I don't really like that idea anymore. Should we restart?*
Yeah, I would think. We could just move all of our characters over to Silvermoon's new thread and restart it there...
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Old 11-11-2013, 12:09 AM
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Default Harry Potter Character

Name: Ty Isildur Thane
Age: 12
Appearance: Black hair one inch below shoulder, almond-shaped hazel eyes. Tall, slender. Bangs cover one eye.
Likes to wear: Hogwarts robes when required, jeans, shirt, jacket, converses/running shoes in winter, t-shirt, shorts and running shoes in summer.
Personality: Sarcastic but nice most of the time but concerned when people are hurt. Good at archery and climbing things. Likes animals. And is brave. Clever. Likes reading. Hates girly stuff
History: She lives at Hogwarts.,
Wand: Heartwood with phoenix feather
House: Gryffindor .
Favourite subjects: Care of magical Creatures, DADA.
Favourite color: mahogany
Things to do in free time: Read books from the library. Visits Hagrid tend the Thestrals and stuff.
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awesomeness, friggin' pygmy puffs, gryffindor! party more!, heck, hufflepuff! wizard stuff!, i see., i'll miss u pokey, it doesn't matter :d, oracle: future headmaster, pretty sure thats every1!, sorry about tyra., tyra's a character, who's tyra?

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