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Old 05-25-2015, 06:38 PM
Emaafre Emaafre is offline
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Default Random thing I wrote. Is it any good?

The air inside is cold, as if there is no one inside to give off at least a little body heat. I can see my breath. My teeth chatter. I pull my arms inside my jacket to keep warm. I need heat.
Behind me, I see the figure of a human walking toward me. But the gold eyes and pasty skin tell me itís not what I think.
I jump to my feet and slowly back away. The creature picks up its pace. I turn around and start running.
Whatever is happening here, it is definitely not good. I need to find another human. And quickly.
"She looks just like you, Jo."
"Good. We didn't want her inheriting the face of an idiot."

- Sierra and Matthew in Jo
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Old 05-26-2015, 01:48 AM
mysterygirl mysterygirl is offline
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It's pretty good. Though I feel like there's no... No flow or something, like it's very jerky when I read it. I don't know. That sounded really weird.

Btw love the sig
I made you a waffle

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