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Old 09-15-2010, 12:41 AM
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Lightbulb Shadow Love

Shadow Love tells the story of many individual characters: Clint, Amber, Jonah, Rick, Bree, Alec, Sarah, Bambi, Violet, Kalila, and Titaan. They all live inside a kingdom where they are ruled by a brutal Queen who controls a ruthless wizard. Together, they wreck havoc across the kingdom, and the only way out is The Wall - The Wall which is destined to be unescapable, trapping the entire kingdom inside and is guarded by a deadly dragon and thousands of the Queen's army. When Clint and Jonah meet in the woods, they are immediately rivals, but eventaully form a tight friendship after Clint begins to confide with him after he discovers that Amber, his wife, may be having a child with someone else, destroying their marriage.

With Clint gone, Amber is depressed and lonely, and toegther, she bands forces with Bambi, Sarah, and Kalila as the Queen's soldiers launch an attack upon their small village. Clint soon becomes involved in a secret rebellion, which led to Jonah capturing Clint in their first encounter. Titaan, the evil wizard is hunting down Clint, and Clint is enlisted in a plot to attack the Queen's castle - will he ever return alive?
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OMJB! GREAT idea! Go for it! I'll totally read it! OMJB I sound like a cheerleader!Well I am one but... Any way THIS IS GREAT!
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Old 09-15-2010, 08:26 PM
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I agree! This is great! You should write it! Or get it published! Or both! I mean, this plot rox! Write it!
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