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Old 02-18-2009, 06:11 PM
warriormosspelt warriormosspelt is offline
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Question Random Much? :confused:

These are some of my most RANDOM dreams:
1: Vampire blue jeans were chasing me at school and the Snape was standing by the gym and he drank a potion and became one. And everything was, like, haloed in rainbows like when you look through those weird glasses.
2: I was camping on an island and Hanna Montana was my best friend. Yeah I know that classifys more as a nightmare but... Then someone shot her! YAY!!
3: I rode a tricaritops through the YMCA and off a cliff.
4: All the kids at school were trapped in this room behind my coaches' office that was painted like something Michelagalo would do. The me and some other kids got punished and got put in some weird saunna like room where there was an anchor. The anchor was just sitting there (for some reason) so we threw it at the ceiling thereby cracking a hole in the ceiling and escaping, but once we were out side everyone else had gotten out too. THEN the assistent coach turnes into a bunch of goblins and started attcking the kids. The head coach turned into that monster from the spiderwick chronicles and hung me upside down by my ankle. Then I just said, "We need back up" and this girl jumping rope, a nerd and two other people appeared. Me: OTHER back up. Dudes w/swords: *appear*. Finally I escape and am in a purple cloak running through these weird cobble stone streets. I finally get to this weird down spirling ramp and am having to escape my teachers, some lady from church and the people from Scooby-doo. Then I was at the top of this tower. Then I woke up.

Please post your random dreams too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 10-10-2009, 04:12 AM
Saul Saul is offline
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Sorry, for some reason I posted more or less the same thing later than you yet I got more replies. All of my random dreams are posted in my thread- Your Strangest Dream.
"Phoebe threw her Jack away because she thought it looked sad".
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Old 10-16-2009, 05:38 PM
Lily Lily is offline
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It doesn't really matter, Saul.

My random dream.... Um... I don't really have that many... What about the one where all the teachers I didn't like turned into rats and all the ones I did like turned into cats. Then the cats ate the rats. It was weird.
my name is jay-- please only refer to me as such.

queer power, queer pride.
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Old 10-16-2009, 06:13 PM
Shayok Shayok is offline
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Originally Posted by Saul View Post
Sorry, for some reason I posted more or less the same thing later than you yet I got more replies. All of my random dreams are posted in my thread- Your Strangest Dream.
You sound like a conceited jerk. Don't go around flaunting your success. And now when you reply don't say 'but I didn't mean it like that!!!*
The lightning flashes!
And slashing through the darkness
A night heron's screech.
-Basho Matsuo, Japanese haiku poet
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Old 10-16-2009, 08:49 PM
dragongirl dragongirl is offline
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I had a dream not to long ago where I was in a fist fight with Hannah Montana, I won. Then her wig disappeared and she was actually bald. Again, that made it even more awesome.
And another one I was attacked by an insane British girl. And she was yelling, "gimme back my cookie or I will kill your husband!"
And I was like, "and how will you do that?"
She answered, "after I kill you, I will climb on him while he is flying, break his wings off, and make him crash into a bus that is being driven by a six year old!" 9_9 Yeeeaaaah, I'm cool/weird like that.xD
And Saul, that was pretty jerky. DON'T GO AROUND TALKIN' LIKE THAT TO PEEPS CUZ THAT'S MY THING OF MAKING PEEPS MISERABLE! Well, some of them anyway.
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Old 04-21-2010, 08:41 PM
Raina Raina is offline
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Question Weird... just plain weird

Ok, I was with my dad in this huge room and we wanted to go on the trampoline, but there wasn't any. Then an old friend said that we could go on their barge if I promise to clean all the toilets. I did, and we left in the barge which was still in the room. Then, when I was cleaning out all 16 giant square toilets, I kept pulling out horses. Suddenly the barge thing turned into a roller coaster and I was steering it. So I went into a cave in it, but then the cave turned into blue cotton candy and we escaped just in time. When I got out however, there were a bunch of almost microscopic people shooting spears at me, and my leg soon got covered in them. I needed to get into the small cardboard Whit's End on the ground.
I woke up, and somehow I was inside the small whit's end, but it was huge. I was in a room, and my head was bound, my leg was broken (but I couldn't feel anything) and my leg was still covered in the needles (spears). I sat down and began picking them out, when my mum came in and brought me outside, and we were in this old fashion village (which was still in whits end). We went to a banquet and there was a line of almost empty chairs in front of a big table, and this weird dude pushed this one guy off the chair he was sitting on so that we could sit.
Then I woke up... It was really strange.
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Old 04-21-2010, 09:03 PM
Eric Eric is offline
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Once I had this dream (more than once) when I was little (3 years old) that the bear from my barney camping trip episode that this bear attacked me. I was in my room with two guys I don't know, then suddenly he came in in a maids outfit and was all like, "Be quiet or I will eat you."
Then he left and my tv turned on and I went inside it and I was riding a huge tiger/ mammoth. Then I came out and the bear came in. He opened his mouth and a carpet came out and I was suddenly on it, and it moved forward into his mouth.
This happened for another year as my ultimate nightmare and I slept in my parents bedroom often. It happened many times and in many ways, but always with the dumb carpet!! I think Shrek did it to me once. Then donkey came came in and he was all like, "Yah Shrek, eat that little boy!!"
Then they apologized and reguritated me.
I don't like nightmares. Only horror movies.
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dinosaurs, dreams, fantasy, random, vampires

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