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Old 08-01-2017, 11:52 PM
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Post The Plot Spot Adoption Centre

The Plot Spot Adoption Centre

Good day fair visitor, and welcome to the Plot Spot Adoption Centre. I hope your trip was worth it.
This is a place where you can come for ideas for your stories; for baby plots, in other words. It is not very hard but please follow these directions.

1. Choose a baby plot.
2. Fill out adoption form.
3. If the baby plot’s mother or father requires it you must credit them in
your story.
4. Take home your brand new plot and develop it into a wonderful story.

Plot Adoption Form:
What Genre of Plot:
Age of Plot: Bubs [X], Toddler [ ], Child [ ], Teen [ ]
Plot’s Name:
Do you mind if others adopt your plot again: Yes [X], No [ ]

Please do donate some Baby Plots - it is essential for this adoption centre to work. If you have a Baby Plot to donate please go to this link The Plot Spot Donation Stop. https://www.kidpub.com/forum3/showth...572#post596572

Baby Plots For Grabs Sorted By Age:





Our First Donation!
Your plot baby’s name: Lego Watch
Genre: Romance?
Do you wish to have credit for your plot?: Yes [], No [x]
Your name or username: Re

told from the pov of a teenage boy who stops to help his classmate search for their lost watch. The lost watch is very important, it was a gift from the classmate's (a girl) deceased grandmother, and she's desperate to find it (it was lost in a park or smth). They spend hours together throughout the week, searching for the watch, and the guy slowly falls in love (or 'like', if you're cynically realistic). One day the guy is walking home and happens to pass a pawn shop with a watch displayed in the window that looks exactly like the one the girl described as losing, and naturally he assumes that's the watch they've been looking for the entire time, so he goes in and buys it and is all excited to give the girl her watch because it's going to make her super happy, but then CANCER~!

no jk, then he realizes (maybe something happens, or maybe he's just thinks a lot) that giving the watch back means they won't have any excuse to hang out anymore. Obviously he wants to keep spending time with the girl. So, like a dummy, he keeps the watch to himself and continues going on all these searches with the girl, that he now knows are pointless. Of course the girl eventually gets discouraged to the point of giving up and the guy tries to boost her hopes, but fails and now he's back to square one with the whole not-hanging-out thing. Also he feels guilty for keeping the watch a secret because it's pretty clear the watch meant a lot to her, and now she's all sad and tired from spending all that time searching when he could have just given it to her. Spurred by this guilt, he goes to her house planning to give the watch to her and explain everything, only on the way there, he drops the watch and...a crow or magpie or smth scoops it up and runs off with it *dun dun dun*. He chases the crow/magpie/thing but inevitably loses it, and he goes to the girl's house and spills the beans and she gets angry with him and kicks him out.

He proceeds to spend the next, like, week searching for this watch, climbing park trees to rifle through nests, poking his head into sketchy empty air conditioning boxes where a bird might store things, all that jazz. He gets some scrapes and bruises along the way but it's nbd. On the last day, this huge storm whips up, and he gets caught out in it and can't make it back home. So he holes up in...a bus stop shelter, I guess. And the convenience fairy comes along and bippity-boppity-boos the watch into existence in a bird nest in his line of sight. When the storm calms to a shower, he retrieves the watch and runs all the way to the girl's house, when he gets there she flings open the door and is like,
'where were you?!??!'
and he's like 'look I found your watch again'
to which she replies something along the lines off 'what were you thinking, wandering around in that weather?! you're probably hypothermic! did you know your mother called me looking for you. nobody knew where you were! you could have died!' After he gets a lengthy lecture and everyone calms down, she looks at the watch and discovers that it isn't actually hers. But at this point, it's been long enough that she's no longer hella desperate to get the watch back, plus she also likes the guy back (not that she would admit it since she's angry at him x2 atm) so when the guy goes 'hey, sorry about your watch I was a jerk for not giving it to you when I first found it but I sortakindamaybereally like you she's like 'you were such a jerk but I sortakindamaybereally like you too so let's date maybe?'

and then squishy cuteness happens and they date, the end.

so yeah, I suck at romance but I've had this plot for a couple years now. The characters are blanks, so fill in whatever you want, they don't even have to be boy/girl, just the more feminine one out of the pair should be the one the watch belongs to. There's lots of room for subplots, or this could be a subplot, idk. Have fun.

Oh yeah and the watch was supposed to be a lego watch, which is where the title is from.

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Old 08-02-2017, 08:54 AM
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Great idea!

Sometimes you need to stop flapping your wings and soar
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