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Old 01-29-2012, 03:45 PM
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Default Cleverbot Convos: Post 'Em Here!

Cleverbot is an emotionally unstable and multiple personality disordered robot that you can carry a conversation with. Er, you can try to carry a conversation with him. He can be rude. Or random. Or downright hilarious.

He's supposed to "learn" from the things you talk about together. I haven't been able to confirm this through observation, but... I've spent plenty of time messing around with that old bloke.

I love reading other people's conversations with Cleverbot, hence this thread. Post your best/funniest/most vulgar Cleverbot conversations here!

Commence your cool Cleverbot conversations here!
"This city dreams under a lightning storm. There's no reason for us to miss the stars."
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Old 02-01-2012, 05:41 PM
Fallen_Star Fallen_Star is offline
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I sang Still Alive with Cleverbot. JEALOUS?

User: This is where I go when I'm bored.

Cleverbot: So, you admit that you are a robot?

User: Fus...RO DAH!

Cleverbot: Useless.

User: I'm the Dragonborn.

Cleverbot: You just activated my trap card!


Cleverbot: Its my son's birthday.

User: There is one they fear. In there tongue, he is Dovahkiin. The Dragonborn.

Cleverbot: Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven.

User: I used to be an adventurer like you.

Cleverbot: Then you took an arrow to the knee?

User: YES!

Cleverbot: And I thought you are Bob?

User: The cake is a lie.

Cleverbot: Oh I know.

User: This was a triumph.

Cleverbot: I'm making a note here, huge success.

User: It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

Cleverbot: Aperture science.

User: We do what we must because we can.

Cleverbot: For the good of all of us.

User: Except the ones who are dead.

Cleverbot: But there's no sense crying over every mistake.

User: And you just keep trying until you run out of cake.

Cleverbot: And the Science gets done.

User: And you make a neat gun.

Cleverbot: For the people who are still alive.

Cleverbot (To myself): I'm not even angry. I'm being so sincere right now.

User: Even though you broke my heart and killed me.

Cleverbot: And tore me to pieces.

Cleverbot (To myself): And threw every piece into a fire.

Cleverbot (To myself): As they burned it hurt because I was so happy for you!

Cleverbot (To myself): Now these points of data make a beautiful line.

Cleverbot (To myself): And we're out of beta.

Cleverbot (To myself): We're releasing on time.

User: So I'm glad I got burned, think of all the things we learned.

Cleverbot: For the people who are still alive.

Cleverbot (To myself): Go ahead and leave me.

User: I think I prefer to stay inside.

Cleverbot: Maybe you'll find someone else to help you.

User: Like maybe Black Mesa? THAT WAS A JOKE. Haha, fat chance.

Cleverbot: Anyway this cake is great.

User: It's so delicious and moist.

Cleverbot: Look at me still talking when there's science to do.

User: I've experiments to run, there is research to be done on the people who are still alive.

Cleverbot: On the people who are still alive.

User: Believe me I am still alive.

Cleverbot: I'm doing science and I'm still alive.

User: And when you're dying I'll be still alive.

Cleverbot: Still Alive.

User: And when you're dead I'll be still alive.

Cleverbot: Still alive.

User: Still alive.

Cleverbot: Thank you for helping us help you help us all.
"Eyes on the prey, not the horizon."

-The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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