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Old 10-28-2008, 05:35 PM
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Wink Edward or Jacob???

thanks a million to PERRY for creating this....yeah, i was the one who requested it.....
anyways, i figured i might as well start the age-old debate that we can't let go of, even tho the series has ended...

JACOB OR EDWARD??!?!?!?!??!?
I'll give you a few Jacob pointers so's we can get it started....

~Jacob is a lot funnier than Edward, but he still knows when to be serisous. Please explain the point of a boyfriend who isn't funny.

~Jacob drives a Rabbit that he built himself, or a motercycle. A Volvo is a reliable car for soccer moms. if your car breaks down, Jake can fix it. Edward would just want to buy you a new one. Zero imagination. I bet that Jake would've been able to fix Bella's truck.


~Jacob isn't good at everything. serisouly, how annoying would it be to date/marry someone that can do everything? they are better at EVERYTHING than you.

~Jacob never abandoned anyone in the woods "for her own good". How many times have u heard THAT line? and how many times has it actually done any good? Right. So he didn't talk to Bella for like two weeks in New Moon. Oh, so mean. Compared to Edward's SEVEN *bleeping* months of abandonment? sure.

~Jacob is WARM, wheres Edward is FREEZING. everyone knows that hot is better than cold.

~Jacob isn't all old-fashioned and rules-y. He's not all prim and proper.
~Jake makes mistakes. it's refreshing to be reminded you aren't the only one to mess up in a relationship.
~The actor who plays Jake in the movie is soooooo much hotter than Robert Pat--whatever. Admit it.

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