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Old 06-14-2016, 07:07 PM
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Red face WWW.ThisIsWhoIAm.com

So in this nes you basically start with only your characters name. They have some reason to go on WWW.ThisIsWhoIAm.com, where all the characters meet. Third person. You do not have to share personal info about the character until you get to the bio. Here's mine.

Rhonda walked over to the computer. She stepped on her brother's favorite shirt. "MOM!!! WHAT IS JASON'S SHIRT DOING ON THE FLOOR?! I THOUGHT ALL HIS CLOTHES WERE BURNED AT HIS BURIAL!!" That's right. Her brother had died in a car crash. He was 13, and his friend was driving for the first time, but he was 14, so he was doing it illegally, and he crashed into the gate and the car flew off a 15 foot bridge. Jason died. Cliff was seriously injured and arrived for Jason's burial a month later. Then he was escorted to jail. Rhonda flopped down on her bed and cried for an hour. Then she sat up, walked over to the computer, and played on computercrash.org for awhile, then her mother called up; "Hey, honey, I've been doing research about your loneliness, and I found WWW.ThisIsWhoIAm.com. You just state your screen name, a bio, and you can chat with anyone. I signed you up!" Rhonda groaned and went on the website to delete her account, when she saw she had already gotten a message. She clicked on inbox and realized her screen name was Real_Life_Hurts, and her messangers name was IDiedInACarCash. She almost cried, but she figured it was some idiot who thought it was funny. She clicked the message.
Screen Name: IDiedInACarCrash
Date of Birth: 5/9/00
Bio: Hello I'm Jason, and I like soccer, fishing, and...More bio
Hi, I'm Jason, and your name is Rhonda. I think I know you from a different world.
Rhonda couldn't believe her eyes. This was her brother!
please, ignore my screaming.

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