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Old 07-22-2011, 05:21 PM
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Default The 3rd Annual BECCA awards: The rest of the categories part 2 (couldn't fit it all)

A/N: This is the whole post that I posted on kidpub and if you voted here already: http://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-c...rest-461107977 Then you can still vote on this post but not twice on that post! Thanks a bunch! You can vote forty times per category but ten the max per nomination. A category is 'Favorite Horror Plot, etc' and a nomination is 'Akuma Tengoku'

Favorite Published Couple:
1. Geth and Pheobe from the Leven thumps series
2. Caine and Diana from Gone by Michael Grant
3. Jacob and Bella from Twilight by Stephanie Myer
4. Peeta and Katniss from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
5. Percy and Annabeth from Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan
6. Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
7. Ky and Cassia from Matched by…?
8. Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin
9. Hermione and Ron
10. Harry and Ginny
11. Severus Snape and Lily Evans (at the time)
12. Calla and Shay from Nightshade
13. Max and Iggy from Maximum Ride by James Patterson
14. Jace and Clary from City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
15. Jason and Piper from Lost Hero by Rick Riordan
Favorite Couple in a Book (on KP)
1. Amber and Charlie from The World of Troodainia by TheAshWolf
2. Amy and Clark from the Visionary by Kay
3. Marcus and Aria from Like Stars That Shined by NightOwl0_0
4. Riley and Caleb from Let’s Try That Again by Samantha
5. Alec and Bree from Equinox by Wolfwriter
6. Jett and Shay from Once by Ruby
7. Caleb and Kiera from When the Sun Sets, I Rise by Nicole
8. Draco and Zoe from Forever My Draco by ForeverMyDraco
9. Percy and Wolf from Percy Jackson Love Story by Wolfwriter
10. Lacie and Eric from Dreamwalker by Rachel
11. Vladmir and Natalie from Vladmir’s Mansion by Sandy
12. Sierra and Darius from Superhuman by Logan (Blue Phoenix)
13. Emily and Ace from Team Forever/the Alliance by Tasha
Favorite Songwriter:
1. Xaxvier
2. Forever My Draco
3. Haley
4. Beautiful~~Oblivion (Agency Magic)
5. NightOwl0_0
6. Pandora
Favorite Song:
1. You Lost Me by….(who?)
2. True Love by Haley : http://www.kidpub.com/story/true-lov...end-1724101700
3. For Us, the Damned Theme song by Xaxvier
4. Defying Tears by Agency Magic: http://www.kidpub.com/story/defying-...iated-77195736
5. You Will Find a Way by Brenda Theresa: http://www.kidpub.com/story/you-will...ong-1738102737
6. Equinox theme by Wolfwriter
7. Solstice theme by Wolfwriter
8. World of Troodainia theme by TheAshWolf
9. Saber of the Guard theme by Leloo
10. Nobody by Rose Red
11. Let It Soak In by NightOwl0_0
12. Stuck Like Glue by Mallori Sparke
Favorite Percy Jackson Fan-Fiction:
1. Percy Jackson Love Story by Wolfwriter
2. Wading by Stardream
3. The Heroes of the Gods by Shelby
4. The Power of the Trident by Raven and Shelby
5. The Girl of the Golden Locket by Shelby and Raven
6. The Half-Blood by Raven and Willow
Favorite Harry Potter Fan-fiction:
1. Forever My Draco by ForeverMyDraco
2. Welcome to Hogwarts by Stardream
Favorite Username:
1. Celestial Angel
2. Helm
3. Rainbow Apple
4. Leloo
5. Wolfwriter
6. TheAshWolf
7. NightOwl0_0
8. Leloo
9. Sicilian Sea
10. FantasyAddict
11. Daydreamer (Anne)
12. Eccentricity
13. Peppermint
14. Pokey
15. Alexa <333
16. ForeverMyDraco
17. Generated Anomaly
18. Stara Aquila
19. Inkweaver
20. Pandora
21. Pineapple
22. Cherrybomb
23. Mochi Monster!
Mr. Nice-y Award:
1. Jack D
2. Kyle
3. Daniel
4. Xaxvier
5. L.S. Tredom
6. Andrew
7. Max Wolfwing
8. Justin

9. Rainbow Apple

Miss. Nice-y Award:
1. Kay
2. ForeverMyDraco
3. TheAshWolf
4. Dannielle
5. Pokey
6. Watermelon (Chelsea)
7. Emma B
8. Wolfwriter
9. Clarissa
10. Peppermint
11. Wolfwriter
12. Leloo
13. Moonbean (Stella)
14. NightOwl0_0
15. Sandy
16. Rachel
17. Athena (Cobalt, Pandora, Gabi, etc.)
18. Daydreamer (Anne)
19. Christina B of i
20. Generated Anomaly
21. Stara Aquila
22. Jenny
23. Marzi!
24. Pineapple
25. Cherrybomb
Favorite chapter in a story (ON KP):
1. Chapter eleven of Forever My Draco by ForeverMyDraco
2. Chapter one of One Wish by Watermelon (Chelsea)
3. Chapter one of Winter Blooming by Pokey
4. Chapter forty-three of Like Stars That Shined by NightOwl0_0 (the Halloween dance one…)
5. Chapter eight of Flammable by Ruby
6. Chapter sixteen of Saber of the Guard by Leloo
7. Chapter 28 of World of Troodainia by TheAshWolf
8. Chapter three of Solstice by Wolfwriter
9. Chapter five of randomness! By Stellar Schrei
Favorite Style of Writing:
1. Stara
2. Word Bandit
3. Kay
4. Chiaki
5. Nicole
6. Clarissa
7. Pokey
8. Watermelon (Chelsea)
9. Sicilian Sea
10. Leloo
11. Athena (Pandora)
12. Kyle
13. Rachel
14. Ruby
15. Daydreamer (Anne)
16. Eccentricity
17. Ninja Cat
18. Octave (Lenni)
19. Bambi
20. Gingy
21. NightOwl0_0
Favorite Book Cover Artist:
1. Marie :3
2. Jack D
3. Izelle
4. Ashley
5. Dragonwriter
6. Ruby
7. Hayley
8. Haley (same as Hayley?)
9. Mallori Sparke
10. Lily
11. Lily09
12. Beautiful Oblivion (AgencyMagic)
13. Kathryn
Favorite Cover:
1. Dreamwalker cover by Jack D
2. Dying and Almost Dead cover by Marie
3. Western Tribe cover by Max
4. Luna (by Stardream) Cover by Ashley
5. She’ll be a Star by Marie
6. Equinox cover by Izelle
7. C.Y.B.O.R.G by Beautiful~~Oblivion (AgencyMagic)
8. Shadows Cover by Kathryn for Rachel
9. Caroline Love Cover by Kathryn for Starfire (Rebecca)
10. Pierced Moon cover by Marie :3
Most Dedicated Kidpubber:
1. Kay
2. TheAshWolf
3. Kyle
4. NightOwl0_0
5. Leloo
6. L.S. Tredom
7. Paige (Floofy)
8. Christina
9. Rachel
Supporting Kidpubber:
1. TheAshWolf
2. NightOwl0_0
3. Dannielle
4. ForeverMyDraco
5. Pokey
6. Watermelon (Chelsea)
7. Kay
8. Peppermint
9. Mockingjay
10. Emma B
11. Leloo
12. Notes of Music (Christal)
13. Rachel
14. Wolfwriter
15. Clover
Favorite Website (as in a website a Kidpubber made):
1. Equinox website by Wolfwriter
2. Dreamwalker trilogy website by Rachel
3. Illichat by Nevaeh
4. The Huntress by Leloo
5. Inkabella.moonfruit.com by Sis
6. http://www.immablogger.webs.com by NightOwl0_0
7. Kidpub Index website by Pandora
Favorite Script Writer:
1. Kyle
2. Pokey
3. Xaxvier
4. Peppermint
5. Wolfwriter
6. Chiaki
Favorite Script:
1. Dreamwalker script by Pokey for Rachel
2. For Us, the Damned by Xaxvier
3. Against Me, the Fallen by Xaxvier
4. Saber of the Guard script by Wolfwriter
5. The World of Troodainia: the new oric script by Peppermint
6. Chiaki’s interview with her future self
7. Our Western Tribe Script by Rachel for Pokey
8. Hilarious Script Me and My Friends Made! by Cherrybomb
“Do you remember me telling you we are practicing non-verbal spells, Potter?"
"Yes," said Harry stiffly.
"Yes, sir."
"There's no need to call me "sir" Professor."
The words had escaped him before he knew what he was saying." J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter and the half-blood prince)

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Old 07-22-2011, 08:03 PM
EmmaR EmmaR is offline
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Bahahaha! I'm not in any of these categories! Wow. I fail. I bet I'm the only KidPubber NOT in the running!
I don't mind, don't get me wrong. I get why I'm not in any of these.
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Old 07-22-2011, 08:09 PM
sigfig sigfig is offline
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Originally Posted by EmmaR View Post
Bahahaha! I'm not in any of these categories! Wow. I fail. I bet I'm the only KidPubber NOT in the running!
I don't mind, don't get me wrong. I get why I'm not in any of these.
I'm not either. I feel sad and left out. I shall proceed to jump out this window now, unless I gather enough sympathy to make me feel better. Therefore, I shall go create a depressed thread.
Coffins: http://www.kidpub.com/story/coffins-318126128
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Old 07-22-2011, 08:57 PM
RosiePie07 RosiePie07 is offline
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Oh my gosh, I'm just going to sob with you guys too since I'm not up there! BOO HOO!!! Sagar, I'm going to join you on that depressed thread and we can cry together!
Governor Swann: So, this is the path you've chosen? After all, he is a blacksmith.
Elizabeth: No.
[pause] Elizabeth: He's a pirate.
[Smiles, kisses Will, dramatic music, HAPPILY EVER AFTER (until they have to save the day again)!!!]

With inky love, Rose <3

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SilverRipple SilverRipple is offline
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You can't say anything, cuz ms. Rose, YOU HAVEN'T BEEN ON THE MAINSITE IN MONTHS!!
I am a Greysonator, an enChancer, and I'm in the Chance Trance.
Greyson and I are meant to be.

Do we know who REALLY started the Game signatures? <-- That's a link, to those who haven't figured it out yet.

Psst....Read Ascending. It's in my track.
and the best part? It's by my best friend, Rose.
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I'm on the list?!

"In the beginning, the universe was created.
This made a lot of people upset and has been widely regarded as a bad idea."

-Douglas Adams
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