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And the Moon Smiled by Loves2Write

And the Moon Smiled by Loves2Write

Runner-Up, June 2012 KidPub Writing Contest


Back when the Earth was young and new there were two sister spirits: The old and wise Sun, and the young, jealous Moon. The Moon was very vain; very proud of her silvery glow. She didn`t care about the people; she turned her back on them and studied her reflection in the starry night sky. The Sun, on the other hand, was kind and guided the people through years of harvest. Countless shrines were devoted to her; flowers picked by children lay across the entrances. She could be counted on to shine after a rainy week, warming the Earth.
Gradually the Moon became aware of this. She mulled over it often, and came to the misguided conclusion that her sister was to blame. After all, her sister had been granted much more power by the Creator, and it was only natural that the people liked her more for that. Anger festered inside of her and she grew more and more distant from the Earth in her fury.
She abandoned her duties completely and sank into a deep rage, in which during every second she plotted ways to overthrow her sister. Who cares about stupid Sun? she would think angrily, facing away from the Earth. It`s so unfair! Meanwhile the Festival to the Sun was taking place. Decorations were strung along a huge clearing and tables were set up.
Platters and platters of food lined the tables and a parade marched into the area, singing praises to the Sun. They wore colorful red and gold costumes that blazed like the Sun herself. The food was consumed and the people danced until the Moon came out. Then they went home, shooting glares at the Moon. This drove the Moon to her breaking point. She burst upon her sister and screeched, “How could you!?”
The Sun looked at her for a good long minute. Finally she spoke. “Sister,” she said slowly. “It is time you and I talked.”
The Moon didn`t know how to respond. She decided on a low growl of anger. To her surprise, the Sun laughed. The laugh echoed through the universe; other planets turned their heads, awakened from centuries of sleep. “The people do not like me because of my power,” she said softly, shaking her head. “They like me for what I do.” The Moon stared at the Sun in shocked, angry silence.
“No,” she said finally, her voice shaking. “No.”
“Think about it, my sister,” the Sun said finally. “Please.” And then she withdrew into her territory.

Throughout the rest of the week the conversation kept replaying in the Moon`s mind. Was the Sun right? Her sister`s deep laugh echoed in her head, haunting her. Finally, after a few days of thinking, she decided to try, just try, to follow the Sun`s example. However, at that time, she had distanced herself so far from Earth that it took her a few years to get close again. She found that when she was caring and helped them she, too, was a popular leader. Every year, once she gets closest to the Earth, she leaves again as a reminder of the old days. And that is why the moon is always facing the same way; this way she always is watching out for you and is smiling at you.

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