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The Mocking of thee Moon by Nikki

The Mocking of thee Moon by Nikki

Runner-Up, June 2012 KidPub Writing Contest


“Grandpa,” I asked in frustration as I moved my textbook to the side. For days now I have sat here thinking about how I could possibly write a story that could get and A. “can you help me with my science report?” I continued. “I need to know why the moon always shows the same side to us. Do you have any ideas?”
“There’s an old fable that I might just remember,” Grandpa said as he settled down into the chair next to me. He flicked on the lamp that sat right above us before starting. “It goes something like this.”

Thousands and thousands of years ago there was a little girl who lived in a small village. One clear night she walked up a small hill and asked the Moon, “Why do you only show half of yourself to us on Earth?”
The Moon answered solemnly, “Because I choose to.”
The little girl left, still wondering about the Moon.
The next night the little girl did the same thing and asked the Moon once again, “Why do only show us half? Why not whole Moon? Why?”
Once again the Moon replied, “Because I choose to.”
On the third night the little girl asked the Moon one last time. This time the Moon answered, “Because, because I’m afraid. I am afraid I will be mocked and made fun of.”
The little girl looked up at the sky and said, “Oh Moon!” She sat down on the soft grass glistening in the night stars. “It can’t possibly be all that bad.”
“See for yourself,” the Moon said as he slowly spun around so the little girl could see what he had been hiding for so many years.
The little girl stood there and tried to hide her smile. “Moon, you look so…so…” But she never finished her sentence as she ran away laughing with glee.
“Wait!” shouted the Moon, “Come back!” But it was too late.
The next morning the little girl told all of the villagers about what she had seen. All of people could already envision the other side of the Moon but they wanted to see for themselves. So that night, the little girl helped them all hide in the bushes and trees while she talked to the Moon.
“Moon!” she shouted so loud that the Moon could not pretend she was not there.
“What do you want?” the Moon replied hastily.
“Yesterday I did not fully see the other side of you because you had turned away much too quickly. Show me now Moon, just this one last time?”
The Moon pondered her question for a while until finally he said, “Oh all right,” He once again spun around to reveal the other side. But soon enough he heard an explosion of laughter and giggles from the hidden villagers. He quickly spun back around.
“Why did you do this to me?” he shouted above all of the laughter staring directly at the little girl. “Why must it be me?”
The little girl stopped laughing and looked around. She saw all of the villagers laughing and mocking the Moon for something he didn’t intend to do. She saw the Moon and the look of sadness and despair across his face. “Why did I do this?” she thought.
From that day forth the Moon never showed his other side to the people on Earth. Many people have tried to coax him into showing them but he refused. He never again talked to the little girl or the villagers of her town. He would never do what he did that night again.

“Wow,” I said as I set down my pen and stared at Grandfather. “That’s deep.”
“But Jenny,” he continued, “There is a lesson in that story. “We must never act like the little girl and we must respect everyone. We should not be the villagers and go along with everything that the little girl does. We should help anyone in distress, like the Moon. Remember this story Jenny.”
“Gee thanks Grandpa. I think I have an idea now,” I said as she grabbed a fresh sheet of paper and began to write.

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