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What is KidMud?

What is KidMud?

KidMud is a world inside the computer. One of our citizens, Sox, described it as 'a living book'. It is a text-based adventure where the KidMud members build a fantasy world. In KidMud you can visit with other players, move around the KidMud world, build your own rooms and decorate them...the only limit is your imagination. If you like to program, you can learn the KidMud programming language and create new things like robots and pets. If you like to write, there's a newspaper, or set up a show and read your poetry. Just interested in talking? Have a seat on the couch in the Lobby and see who shows up!

All KidPub Author's Club members may ask for a KidMud character. Here are some links to get you started:

The current KidMud address is: kidmud.kidpub.com


Although some of the information is not correct for KidMUD, the MOOVille Help Pages are an excellent reference!

Here's who is inside KidMUD right now: [NOTE: the display is sometimes broken, you can see a list of who is in KidMUD at this link.

KidPub Authors Club members can post their own stories, comment on stories they've read, play on KidMud, enter our contests, and more!  Want to join in on the fun? Joining is easy!