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Deleting Things

Deleting Things

Everything in KidMUD has a number. When you rename or delete something, you'll wnat to know the number of the thing you are renaming or deleting.

To get a thing's number, use @audit me

This will show the number of all the things you have made. For example:

@audit me
Objects owned by Toby (from #0 to #1521):
  3K  #242 Toby                      *[Lower Falls Street]
 <1K  #244 bone                       [Toby]
 <1K  #258 entrance                   *Living Room->*leather chair
 <1K  #254 bag                       *[Living Room]
 <1K  #270 path                       *BeachBum's Pad->*slider
  3K  #299 Comfy Hollow              <-*east
 <1K  #316 east                       *Forest Edge->Comfy Hollow
 <1K  #317 west                       Comfy Hollow->*Forest Edge
 <1K  #366 stone                      [Toby]

The numbers that start with a pound sign (#) are the object numbers. Toby has a bone (the second line in the list) that is object #244.

To delete the object, use the @recycle command. It looks like this:

@recycle #244

You would use the number of whatever it is you want to delete. For Toby to delete his bone:

@recycle #244
Sure you want to recycle the bone (#244)? [Enter `yes' or `no']
The bone (#244) recycled.

KidMUD asks you if you really want to recycle something so that you don't accidentally delete something that you wanted.

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